Top 6 Best Browsers For Android Phone: Check It Out

top 6 browser for android

Top 6 Browser For Android

1. Brave Browser


Brave browser is a very new browser in Android market; It is developed on chromium base. This browser has UI nearly same as chrome but brave contains several other features which makes it awesome browser. It is best suited for that user who loves to use chrome, but they want some more features like adblocker, Brave browser also care user securitry and force website to show in HTTPS mode.

2.Dolphin Browser

Dolphin browser has travelled a very long way on path of success. Dolphin browser is a decent browser with alots of features which are required in a browser. This browser is free to download for both android and ios users. It includes features like adblock, gesture browsing, HTML5 support, sonar mode etc. This browser is one of the best options to choose if you want to experience a new app with multiple features.


3. Firefox Browser

top 6 browser for android

Firefox is a hot name in browsers and if anyone is talking about best browser then it must contain firefox. It is one of the best browsers in all platforms that are’s android, ios, windows. As we are currently talking about firefox android app then firefox for android has several features which provide a very awesome user experience. Firefox for android support addon installation, HTML5 support etc.

4. Chrome


Chrome is inbuilt browser in every android phone, Chrome is official browser developed by Google. It is fast and efficient browser which provide instant loading and support AMP in slow internet connections. Chrome is crafted with a very simple and clean UI which just not make it easy to use as well as efficient on memory. Even though it is inbuilt, still it is best option as a browser and you don’t need any other browser for any purpose. Chrome may be unsatisfactory for you if you are looking for something customizable and with adblocks.

5. Samsung Internet Browser


Samsung OEM browser Samsung internet browser is a quite reliable browser. It is availble for everyone and can be downloaded from Play Store. This browser contain multiple advanced features liek ad-blocking, 360-degree video watching etc. It provides material design UI which looks actually very decent and it’s features make this app a smart choice to use.
6.Opera Browser
Opera Browser is well known browser for android as well as IOS, It is very ligtweight app with several speed increasing features. Opera is very fast and secure as it has inbuilt VPN feature which lead to browse safely in any network and it also had data tracker, saver, night mode etc.


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