Top 5 Camera Apps For Android

google camera
Most Smartphone brands have their own styled camera app which comes preinstalled on their phones. Some default camera apps are amazing but some have even not satisfactory as some user don’t need advance camera while some need it. To fulfill this gap here is a list of top 5 camera apps which can easily take place of your default camera and able to click amazing pictures too.

Open camera

open camera
 Open camera is one of the best camera available on play store. This camera has nearly every feature which anyone wishes to be in there own. The only thing that may disappoint the users is its UI. This app is fully open-source and completely free on play store.

Camera Zoom FX

camera zoom fx
This app has very clean UI and as well as impressive features. It has several features in which customization of ISO, HDR, Saturation, Brightness, This app is a good partner for daily usage as compare to others apps. Camera Zoom FX available in both free as well as paid in play store.

Camera 360

 Camera 360 is one of the better cameras it has options to add filters as well as stickers. This app offers multiple shot modes and gives different tools for advance picture click. It can be a good partner for selfie too.

Camera FV 5

Camera FV-5 is especially for advanced users. This app is most recommended for users who manually configure their camera settings. This app is only available for paid option and its lite version is available for free.

Google Camera

google camera
This is official app camera app by Google. This is one most lightweight app with a clean ui. This app is easy to use and as well as click good pictures. This can be an option if you are looking for a decent camera with clean UI.


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