The very popular game PUBG, nowadays is expanding at very fast rate amongst teenager groups.”WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER” is really an awesome line in the total gameplay. Although some player play for enjoyment and some plays it like as their part of life. Here we have some amazing things about the whole gameplay which will really impress you:

  • Some contents in the game is always same like the positions of the car, so you can easily get it next time


  • You can’t fire when you are in water


  • Yes! the bot players really exists in the game and sometime they can kill you also, but if you knock them down you will be richie rich


  • Playing with two thumbs is easy and relaxing but playing in claw mode will increase your chance of winning the match


  • You will not be able to manage your time after entering in the match


  • The best way to kill your enemy is by using the vehicle


  • Rapidly changing seat in car and firing can also be the best strategy


  • Increasing the number of items with your gun will be a good thing to kill


  • If there is no player in your squad alive the you will be killed, without being knocked out


  • You will be enjoying the war mode more because you will be again back in the game after get killed


  • Erangle is the most lovable map by the players


  • You can share your game with your friends instead of downloading it


  • It is really easy to play on emulator comparing with mobile


  • If you kill your partners in the game regularly then your synergic point will decrease and you have to play solo game to increase it


  • The very bad thing is that your RP get decreased always in the next season so you have to earn it again

That is all about it, if you want to know some gameplay techniques and strategies then you can feel free to comment in the box below.