Reliance Jio Made Its Own Cryptocurrency : Jio Coin Check It Here…


All of us are well aware of the success in networking field of Reliance. Now Ambani is in the mood to acquire the currency market. As the Bitcoin has already oversized the cryptocurrency. Akash Ambani is leading this new project with 50 young members. Here we have the list of some popular cryptocurrencies :

1. Litecoin(LTC)     

2. Bitcoin 

3. Zcash 

4. Ethereum (ETH)

5.Monero (XMR)

All these currencies are popular in their market. And might disturb the new plan of Reliance.

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This currency is already exposed about its owner. It is not like the bitcoin and about its unknown owner. This might benefit Reliance to get the trust of the new users. It is expected that this coin must be very cheap just like the Jio plans. Similar to various Jio apps there will be a similar app for this currency, to make the easy exchange.

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One more issue can disturb this project and which is approval from the government.  Although the government doesn’t ban such kind of currencies. But they are never in the favor of such types of currencies. Hope so Ambani will sort out this problem and will easily come with his new plan soon in the market. The date is not fixed for this to be launched but it will soon come with some new features that the previous currencies uses.



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