WhatsApp like app

The Indian government is reportedly planning to build its own WhatsApp like chat application and other homegrown secure communication networks, at least for government agencies, to insulate the country from future vulnerabilities stemming from geopolitical developments, two officials said.
This move of govt is to reduce dependence on US companies for communication and the alarm bells at New Delhi after Huawei ban by the US.
Government is trying to make and store 100% communication locally.
“Look what happened to Huawei, their Honor (branded) phones,” the official said. “It was unthinkable, but now it has definitely rung alarm bells with us. Tomorrow, if the US finds us unreliable for some reason, all they need to do is ask their companies to slow down networks in India and everything here will come to a standstill. We are vulnerable and we must take steps to cover that.”

“For starters, at least all forms of government-to-government communication should begin on such platforms and then we could take this forward to the next step, which is all government communication to people should also use these platforms,” the official said

Source: Economic Times