Best File Manager For Android 2018

best file manager 2018

Best File Manager For Android 2018

2018 has started and its time to declare the best file manager for android 2018. Android is the biggest platform for Smartphone OS. Android has users in billion, and when you open play store for any specific type you will find a lot of options, so which one to choose, Actually in the play store as of now there are 3.5 million apps.

Android offers users to manage their sd card with the help of file managers but which one to choose as there are 1000’s or even more file managers available on play store. To help you to select best file manager to suit you, here are 5 best file manager available in android market.

1-ES File Explorer Pro

es file explore  Get it from play store
Es file explorer pro is paid version of the most popular file manager. ES file explorer offers all best features; a file manager can provide. The free version of ES explorer has a lot of bloatware, and it is full of ads which may disappoint you, but pro version is free from ads. In pro, you can enjoy the complete features of es file explorer without any ads. I highly recommend this app over other. This app is self-sufficient to open multiple file types. This app can also handle your cloud account. ES file explorer has built-in support for ZIP and RAR files.
es file

2- Solid Explorer

solid explorerGet it from play store
Solid Explorer is an alternate option of es file explorer. Solid Explorer also offers multiple file format support. What differs ES file explorer to Solid explorer is support on files. Es file explorer has inbuilt support to most of the format while solid explorer required plugins to support. Even to support USB OTG.
Solid Explorer is not free it offers trials for 14 days after which it charges by in-app purchase.
Solid Explorer also has very clean and impressive UI.
Solid Explorer also has root manager; it means it also works very well for superuser too.
solid explorer

3- Astro File Manager

astroGet it from play store
Astro file manager is quite famous for its cloud service management. Astro file manager has option to manage both clouds (such as Google drive, One drive)  as well as sd card as side by side. Astro is entirely free to use. To use Astro a person doesn’t need much more knowledge, due to its clean and straightforward user interface which allow users to get familiar with it quickly.
astro file manager

4- Total Commander

total commander Get it from play store
Total commander is listed here in best file manager due to its clean and self-categorized user interface. Total commander separate files in sd card in their respective category such as images, videos, music, etc. This app offers an in-app purchase for extra features. Total Commander also supports cloud access so you can also manage your cloud storage efficiently from the same app.
total commander

5- MK Explorer

mk explorer Get it from play store
Mk explore is listed as last file manager picked and found to be better among another file manger which is not listed here. Mk Explorer provides multiple inbuilt functions to open different file types. It also supports RAR and ZIP file to compress or decompress it. Mk explorer is not depended on other apps to open the media files, it also has inbuilt media opener. This app can also be considered as good alternative.


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