Airtel New Prepaid Plans Over Jio: Check It Here…


In response to Jio offers Airtel has now announced its new prepaid plans. Airtel was waiting for Jio to change its plan. Now Airtel with a long list of prepaid plans has entered in the market. Similar to Jio it has 199, Rs.349, Rs. 448, Rs. 509, Rs. 549 plans. Under these plans, Airtel customers will get the approx same benefits. Only the difference will be that users can only do call 250 minutes per day. Which means 1,000 minutes per week. But this will not affect more to users. Following is the list of plans:

airtel prepaid recharge plan

Airtel’s prepaid plan worth Rs. 199

Under this plan, users will be benefited with 28 days including 28gb data per day with 1gb per day 3G/4G. The customers will also be benefited with unlimited STD/local calling with 100 SMS per day.

Airtel’s prepaid plan worth Rs. 349

This plan includes 2gb per day for 28 days. Means 56gb with 4G/3G, with this pack users, can also do unlimited call local+STD with free roaming. Along with it, users can also do 100 SMS per day.

Airtel’s prepaid plan worth Rs. 448

Under this plan, customers will be benefited with 82gb per day with 82 days validity. It means 1gb per day 4G/3G with unlimited calling with 100 SMS per day. Under this plan also users don’t have to worry about roaming charge it is free of cost.

Airtel’s prepaid plan worth Rs. 509

This plan can be considered as the bumper offer for the users. As the validity of this plan is 91 days with unlimited calling with 1gb internet for 91 days each. Under this plan also users can do 100 SMS per day without any roaming charge.

Airtel’s prepaid plan worth Rs. 549

This plan comes with a validity of 28 days with 84gb data with the daily limit of 3gb. This plan also includes unlimited calling local+STD with free roaming. Users can also do 100 SMS per day.


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