15 Must Known Keyboard Shortcuts In PC

keyboard shortcuts

While doing certain thing or typing document, using the option from menu takes time and may cause decrease in your productivity. To prevent extra work and save time keyboard shortcuts work better to get quick access to particular functions.

Here are some most basic keyboard shortcuts


1. To Copy files, folder, words or anything

Shortcut:- Ctrl+C Or Ctrl+Insert


2. To Cut files, folder, words or anything

Shortcut:- Ctrl+X


3. To Paste files, folder, words or anything

Shortcut:- Ctrl+V


4. To Find Something Inside Same Window Or Program

Shortcut:- CTRL+F


5. To Find A File Or Folder From Whole Computer

Shortcut:- Windows key+F


6. Undo An Action

Shortcut:- Ctrl+Z


7. Redo An Action

Shortcut:- Ctrl+Y


8. Save Current Document Or Work

Shortcut:- Ctrl+S


9. Print Current Document

Shortcut:- Ctrl+P


10. Bold Typing Or To Bold Highlighted Word

Shortcut:- Ctrl+B


11. Italic Typing Or To Italic Highlighted Word

Shortcut:- Ctrl+I


12. Spell Checker

Shortcut:- F7


13. Hide/Show All Windows

Shortcut:- Ctrl+D


14. Launch Task Manager



15. Close Current App Or Open Shutdown Menu

Shortcut:- Alt+F4



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