15 Best Chrome Extensions Of 2017 Don't Miss.

15 best chrome extensions

15 Best Chrome Extensions

Web Browsers are the bridge between us and internet. To get a smooth experience while browsing web we always try to choose the best browser for yourself. Google Chrome is the most popular web browser which has billions of users as it is most smooth and multipurpose browser. So for the users of Google chrome here I am providing list of 15 best chrome extensions which will improve your overall experience as well as save your time.

1. Ublock Origin

Ublock is the most powerful and simple ad blocker. It prevents all types of ads to being loaded. It improves overall browsing experience as well as save yourself from all types of spam. One of the best features of Ublock is memory efficiency as it consumes a very less memory as compoared to other ad blockers. It is best choce if you are looking for ad blocker.

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2. Ghostery

Ghostery is a addon and next level of adblocker. It helps to prevent your information from being tracked. Trackers are those who follow your browsing footprint and store them, ghostery prevent them to follow and prevent each and every tracker.

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3. LastPass

LastPass is a password manager extension. It stores login data in each and every site and autofill your login credential when u revisit that site. It is a very helpful extension as it saves time and prevents burden of remembering passwords of different sites. Talking about security, LastPass is 256bit encrypted. The only user who had saved the password can see his data neither LastPass nor anyone else can see your data. It is a cross-platform based extension so that you don’t have to enter data in different browsers or devices. Just login master pass and data will be get synced with each other.

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HolaVpn is one of the best Vpn (Virtual Private Network) available in the chrome store. First what VPN is? Vpn is a technology for safe and encrypted browsing in the less secure network. It is very useful to access those details which are banned by your country or your isp. It also helps to browse sites safely in a less secure network such as Public WiFi. For Chrome Users Hola Vp is a smart option.

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5.  Panic Button

Panic button is a tab ider chrome extension. It hides all your open tab just after you press panic button. Just imagine you are browsing something that you don’t wanna show to other and someone unexpected comes then it took time to close browser etc. but with panic just preess panic button it immediate hides all tab and moves you in new tab and when you press the panic button again it resores all tab back to same way.

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6.The Great Suspender

Chrome uses suffer from problem of chromes high memory usage and if you are such type of user who keep opening tab then this is for you. The Great suspender suspend tabs after a definite time of inactivity and if you need it just open the tab and click on it and it will be again back. This helps to prevent chrome to use high amount of ram.

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7.Stay Focused

There are alot of people who want to stop themself from opening social media. But they cant control themeself. Stay Focused is just to help them once you blacklisted any website with definite time, It stop chrome to open that site.

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Sometime you just browsing through web and you find some content you wish to read but not immediately then pocket extension is for you. Pocket save the article you wiosh to read it later so that you can read it when you have time directly from pocket.

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PushBullet is cross-platform sharing extension, It helps to share information between your multiple devices. From extension to mobile apps it is available everywhere.

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10. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best extension available on Chrome store. It checks spellings and grammers each time you type anything the n web. It checks while writing emails to the facebook post, nearly everywhere.

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11.Google Translate

Google translate is an extension to quickly translate the current tab to any language. It is very helpful to read even those documents which is written in other languages.

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Honey is Discount coupon applier extension. If you are using any e-commerce site to purchase anything and if there is some coupon or discount is available for that item, it applies it. Honey is a very helpful extension if you are a daily online buyer.

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13.Click &Clean

It is a security extension, It helps to clear all types of history, cache, and cookies in one click. Cleaning browser data is required part to maintain security, That’s why we added this extension in our 15 best chrome extensions list.

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14. Momentum

Momentum is a charming theme for chrome. It replaces the boring new tab theme with a cool UI.

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15.Turn Off The Lights

Turn off the light is a good and helpful extension for Youtube or online video streaming users. It replaces all the ligt else than video to dark. So that you can enjoy the video with more comfort.

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SO this is all about 15 best Chrome Extensions for chrome.Hope You like it. If you want to add or suggest any other extension comment below. Thank You. 🙂


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